A Favourite with Artists, Aristocrats and Guild Members Alike

Today, the "Des Balances" takes pride in its reputation of being "The" chic, gourmet hotel, nestled in the heart of Lucerne’s Old Town. We are dedicated to preserving a reputation, whose roots date back to the 13th century.

Ideally situated between the Fish Market and the Wine Market, the "Des Balances" has long been a popular meeting place for local municipal and private organizations, such as the prestigious "der Herren zu Schützen", alike.

In 1807, "das Wirsthaus zur Waage" or "The Balances Inn" opened its doors to the public. The building underwent major reconstruction in 1837, and so, the "Hotel Des Balances" was born.

Since then, we have had the pleasure of hosting many prominent guests and dignitaries. Among them, the famous Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw, Princess Luise of Baden, and Queen Wilhelmine from Holland, to name but a few.

Our forefathers, Jean Haecky and Fritz Rindlisbacher, both exceptional Hoteliers in their own right, were highly celebrated gourmets as well. They laid the foundation for a standard of excellence which is a tradition at "Des Balances".

In the 60’s, the popular Lucerne cabaret artist, Emil Steinberger, began his career on the Balances stage.

Magnificent Façade

Our hotel, steeped in Lucerne’s history, presents itself in splendid glory, inside and out. The view of "Des Balances" from the "Weinmarkt" is unforgettable. Its façade was painted in the style of the famous Swiss artist, Hans Holbein. Admired and cherished by locals and tourists alike, it is counted amongst the most photographed landmarks in the region. As one observes our hotel from the Reuss, our elegant terrace and picturesque balconies, overlooking the river, bring to mind a Venetian palace in all its splendour.

Today, the "Des Balances" harmoniously incorporates its historical architectural past and modern interior design in perfect "balance".